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Story Roads Publishing

came into being for four reasons. First, the founder has written a book and has other books in progress. Second: Video games and board games on various topics are in the planning stage. Third: The founder as an author doesn't quite fit the classic author mold of genre-fixing, agents, meetings, trade shows, readings, and waiting periods. Fourth: It's an interesting industry with a lot of recent movement and media opportunities.


Name: From the core, the single story, different products and different distribution and marketing channels are evolving. No story is the same, and we will never build a system in which different stories are worked through according to the same pattern, as in a construction schedule, and then an average return is calculated from all the stories in a mixed calculation. Emphasis on Story and Roads: We don't see ourselves as emotional companions to author sensitivities.


Marc Krautwedel

Author, founder, graduate engineer (TU) architecture. Special skills: sustainable technologies. Interests: flows (physical, social, economic), cycles (food, materials, value chains), graphics and animation,...



Unnamed here. Our company name comes from him. A successful strategist who is unfortunately still too little involved. Should the publishing company develop positively and serve different segments in different regions, this will change─probably.


Anna Krautwedel

Mother of the founder. Extreme power reader, currently without a function. Either she will write herself in the future, or she will join the publishing house. The latter would undermine the "badass statement" in terms of author support. Everything is moving.




A fictional real world where the same thing happens as everywhere else - only more pointed, with more opulent fantasy, dragons, legends and magic, than criminal creativity in cum-ex deals.

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